The sport of performance rallying has roots dating back to the early 20th century. Frequently heard is the motto, “Real Cars, real roads, real fast” an apt description for a sport where teams consisting of a driver and co-driver, hurtle down closed sections of public roads in an attempt to traverse them in a less time than their fellow competitors. Events occur on all road surfaces (dirt, gravel, tarmac, snow, etc.), in all weather conditions, at all hours of the day and night and serve as true tests of endurance for both man and machine.

Rallies take place in two main forms: stage rallies and road rallies. Stage rallies are based simply on speed over stretches of road closed to normal traffic, the team which completes theses “stages” in the least amount of time wins. Road rallies are not based on outright speed, rather accurate timekeeping and navigation often presented in puzzle like instructions, the winner being the team who completes the course with the greatest accuracy. Both main forms of rallying take place on all surface conditions on normal roads, unlike other motorsports where laps of a track are completed. In rallying you may see 1,000 different turns once, while track racing may use the same ten turns 100 times. This makes rallying both entertaining and unpredictable to competitors and fans alike.


Chris Martin discovered the world of Rally Car racing while watching his father and uncle drive their way to victory in the mid 1980’s. Chris subsequently made his first steps into rallying by way of Go-Karting at the age of 12, enjoying success at club, regional, and national levels. This left him wanting more and Chris soon left Go-Karts for Ice Racing.

In his first ice racing season, Chris won the “Rookie of the Year” award and a class championship. A force to the reckoned with, Chris went on to win the overall first and second driver championships in his second year. With major successes in go-karting and ice racing, Chris decided it was time to start his rally career in 2004. In 2005, only one year into his rally racing career, Chris placed second overall at the Galway Cavendish Forest Rally.

Ready for another challenge and desiring to be more eco-friendly as a racer, Chris created the first environmentally friendly rally car to the raced in Canada, with which he took his first overall rally victory and went on to win the 2009 Ontario Performance Rally Championship. The 1993 Subaru Impreza rally car used E-85 bio-ethanol fuel for the first time at the Canadian Rally Championships. Chris’ will demonstrated to his fellow racers, the auto industry, and his fans that bio-ethanol fuel is a clean and energy efficient way to race and still come out on top.To date Chris has scored: 6 Regional Wins, 9 Regional Podiums, 2 National Top 10 Finishes, and a National Win at the 2013 Rally of the Tall Pines.


A fan of rallying since reading a Road&Track article about the sport back in 1984, Brian Johnson has been around the sport in one capcity or another ever since. With over a decade of co-driving experience in various series within the United States and Canada, Brian is thrilled to be bringing his abilities to the OSM family. Brian’s professionalism in the car and laid back attitude outside of it have make him popular with his teammates and fans alike.


Rallying is very much a team sport both in the car and outside of it. Without an extremely dedicated group who pour their blood, sweat and tears into any imaginable task often without sleep or food a rally team would never make it to an event let alone finish. A huge thanks to Doug Martin, Jeff Lehmann, Stephen Martin, Matt Minchella, Timothy Ho, and Sean Kent. A rally team sees extreme highs and lows but all do it exactly the same reasons: the thrill, and the challenge. But that little taste of champagne doesn’t hurt either!


1993 Subaru Impreza

Engine: 2.5L Innovative Tuning Rally Spec
Power: 300 hp (34mm Open Class Restrictor limited)
Engine Management: Innovative Tuning Vipec ECU w/Antilag and Launch Control
Transmission/Driveline: STi 6 Speed w/ Active Center Differential
Suspension: 50mm Inverted Long Travel Suspension
Fuel: MacEwen Petroleum E-85 Ethanol
Tires: DMACK Tyres
Rollcage: OSM Designed & Built Multi-Point Rollcage
Seats: Sparco Pro-ADV, FIA Approved Seats
Belts: 6 Point FIA Approved Harnesses
Drive/Co-Driver Safety:

Helmets, Fireproof Suits and HANS Head & Neck Restraint



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