Frequently Asked Questions

We are centrally located just off the 401 in Mississauga, Ontario Canada
YES! We stock nearly 400 DMACK Rally Tyres in most popular sizes and compounds.
We have daily shipping pick-ups and can usually ship your order same day. Shipping generally ranges from $20-28 depending on your location and tire size. Contact us for a shipping quote.
Ofcourse! We’d be happy to have you stop by and pick up your order.
The DMACK brand was created in 2009 to compete in the highest levels of motorsport. Alongside Michelin, DMACK has been an authorized tire supplier to the FIA World Rally Championship since 2011, competeing on the world’s toughest terrain across gravel, asphalt and ice.
DMACK provides competitors with an affordable, high performance tire which has been tried not only in the WRC but here in Canada at events you run.
DMACK is an efficient partnership between the UK and China. All DMACK tyres are designed in the UK with British technology and years experience in motorsport and tire design. The tires are manufactured in the company’s custom favility in China with an emphasis on high quality production and processes.
Simply put, we’d be happy to help you make the right decision. Everyone has unique goals and demands from their tires. The car, the events, and driving style all play their part so let us tap into our years of motorsport experience and we’ll find the perfect fit.